F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

You used to be free. Why do you charge money now?

We operated for 10 years as a "home haunt". We love Halloween and haunted houses.

When we first moved to Falcon, there weren't even any Trick-or-Treaters for the first few years! We built up Fright in Falcon in order for the, then, small community of Falcon, to have something fun to do at Halloween Time.

Even as a home haunt, we spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours per year to create and maintain the haunt. Most of this was out of pocket, though many of you kind patrons did donate money to help us out.

We wanted to continue to grow and to continue to entertain everyone at Halloween time. We love what we do, but we could no longer afford to operate at a loss.

Our prices are lower than the other haunted houses in the area, and we do our best to give you way more bang for your Halloween buck!

Are you a corn maze?

No. Fright in Falcon is a haunted house with indoor and outdoor attractions.

Is it scary?

Yes and No. During the day, we have a lights on tour for families. After sunset, the lights go down, and the monsters come out.

Is there an age limit?

All ages are welcome during family hours. Most children, of all ages, do very well and have a good time. You know your child best.

At night, we use fog, flashing lights, loud sounds, moving props and actors, which may be too intense for patrons younger than 13, or anyone with medical issues.

How should I dress?

Colorado in the fall means everything from sunny and warm, to chilly, rainy and even snow. Even if it's a warm day, it would be a good idea to bring a coat since the weather can change very quickly.

Do you take volunteers?

Yes we do. Most of our production is based on the help and kindness of others. If you have a skill in acting, fabrication, painting, building, wiring or anything else you think might come in handy, please call (719) 660-8108, or contact us through Facebook messenger.

Can I take pictures or film inside the haunt?

No. We have secrets after all. Please do not take any photographs or film inside the haunt. You may however, take all the pictures you want of you and your group outside. We will even have photo ops available for you to remember your trip.

What are your hours?

All hours are posted on the calendar.

How will I know if the haunt is closed due to weather?

We will post all closures on Twitter, Facebook and this webpage at least 2 hours prior to opening.

Can I use a flashlight in the haunt if I get scared?

No. If you use a flashlight when you’re scared, you will diminish the experience for others.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Sorry, not at this time.

Our haunted house uses semi-trailers and several sets of stairs to enter and exit the trailers. If you don't handle stairs well, this haunt is probably not for you. We also have an area that requires crawling. WE DO HAVE A BYPASS IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO CRAWL, LET THE ACTOR IN THE CRAWL AREA KNOW.

As we grow, we plan to become fully wheelchair accessible.

Can I bring outside food or drink inside the haunt?